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  • Dongkuy
    Dongkuy 40pts

    Hi, I'm Dongkuy! I'm a lively and enthusiastic individual, always eager to share my knowledge and le...

  • Kiernan
    Kiernan 40pts

    Hi, everyone! My name is Kiernan. I have bachelor's degree in teaching students and I've always been...

  • Anozie
    Anozie 25pts

    Hi everyone, I'm Anozie from the Philippines! I'm here to help you make those dreams a reality. My c...

  • Nulldey
    Nulldey 40pts

    Hello! I am teacher Nulldey. I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in ...

  • Dasigan
    Dasigan 25pts

    Hello, everyone! I am Teacher Dasigan. I love playing guitar and other musical instruments. I also l...

  • Novikoff
    Novikoff 40pts

    Hi everyone! I'm Novikoff, a passionate English teacher with over 21 years of experience. I bring th...

  • Maxfiel
    Maxfiel 40pts

    Hello! I am teacher Maxfiel, a graduate of the Bachelor of Physical Education program at Magsaysay C...

  • Jagdeep
    Jagdeep 40pts

    Hi everyone! Jagdeep here, meaning 'light of the world. Let's illuminate your English journey togeth...

  • Dermis
    Dermis 40pts

    Do you wanna explore the world of English? Worry no more - I got you. Hi! My name is Dermis your ca...

  • Phenol
    Phenol 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I am Phenol. I have been teaching here since 2024. I'm a passionate reader, singer,...



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